Beutlich HurriSeal Dentin Desensitizer



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Beutlich HurriSeal Dentin Desensitizer

12ml HurriSeal® Dentin Desensitizer acts as a wetting agent in bonding restorations, eliminating technique sensitive adhesion procedures. Treat or prevent dentinal hypersensitivity associated with: Cervical erosion/toothbrush abrasion, exposed root surfaces/recession, before and after tooth whitening procedures, after periodontal scaling and root planing treatment (applied after soft tissue healing), and permanent and temporary restorations (apply prior to placement to prevent post-operative sensitivity).

Apply after etching and before priming/bonding
Provides protection in 1-3 coats depending on patients’ needs
Application lasts 6-9 months for cervical, or lifetime of restoration
It is soft tissue friendly (no glutaraldehyde)
Universally compatible
Simple to use with no mixing or light curing necessary

Product Model Number(s)
Product Model Number(s) 0283-0697-82, 0283-0697-11, 0283-0697-47


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